7 in a row

The a-lab locomotive keeps pacing – this week we recieved news of our 7th competition victory since last fall – in a row! Read More

“Terminal Flesland”, the proposal developed by a-lab, Zinc and Placebo Effects, excelled in the competition about a new business and commerce center affiliated with Flesland airport in Bergen.

Our competition proposal which comprises a masterplan, concept for the whole design and a proposal for a hotel and office building in the first phase, was chosen based on our approach to sustainability and urban design around meeting places.

The client is Linstow Eiendom AS and Flesland Holding AS. The scope is estimated at 210.000 m2 to be realized over a period of 10-20 years. In comparison the Barcode development we did in Oslo is 265.000m2 above grade, including the yet unfinished buildings.

Our competitors were Nordic and Link Bergen. Further to the process, the jury wishes to include elements from the other proposals based on a-labs concept. We look forward to the Jury’s report.


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