a-lab densifyes Frysja

This week a-lab won the parallell commission of residential densifying at Frysja in Oslo. This is our 6th victory in a row over the past 6 months! Read More

Juncture along the Aker River

Frysja lies alongside the Aker River in the transition between urban and rural land and is the last industrial area along the river to undergo transformation from industrial commerce to residential and urban development. With over 600 apartments the competition marks the start of a larger residential development and densification of the area.


Commendable and varied outdoor spaces are vital in a future urban development. The sketch illustrates the “central artery”, a perceived main connection that will tie the residential area closely to the Aker River and to one of the main woodlands of Oslo; Nordmarka. Illustration: a-lab


The winning proposal for Frysja Park is based on a powerful superior concept to secure adaptations to the immediate surroundings and quality for all site developments in the area. This comprises urban meeting places, connections, urban residences, outdoor spatial variation and contact with the Aker River and Nordmarka.

The parallel commission comprises a bundle of industrial sites at Frysja. Illustrated; a perceived future development for the whole area. Illustration: a-lab

Sustainable compacting

The objective is to meet the large expansion in the residential market in Oslo by creating an attractive residential area with modern architecture, varied living conditions and sustainable solutions where as many as possible can don their skis on their doorstep and wander off into the neighboring woodlands of Oslo.


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