a-labs urban vision won at Vollebekk

– The most robust proposal for new urban development at Vollebekk, the Jury states and emphasizes city block flexibility and living and urban conditions as strong features in this winning proposal. Read More

a-lab won the prestigious parallel commission in tough competition with Norwegian firms LPO Arkitekter and Niels Torp and the Danish firm Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects.

A transforming district

Vollebekk of today is made up of mixed buildings and industry and has a great potential for a new urban development, strategically located in the greater Grorud Valley, known as the most central area for future growth and densification in Oslo. As part of the Grorud Valley efforts area project and with its own planprogram developed by Oslo’s Building Council, the district is also a prioritized development area for urban densification with an emphasis on residential program.

The project area itself comprises 50 daa, but the competition is assessed on a development plan for the whole of Vollebekk. Property owner and client Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS, in collaboration with Aberdeen Asset Management, have ambitions to create a role model project within environmental aspects in urban transformation in Oslo.

Living  and urban quality

a-labs urban development strategy is a general plan for a lasting area effort at Vollebekk, where living and urban quality is focused on. Amongst others the proposal utilizes recent research on urban and living quality (Jan Gehl, Nicolai Carlberg) to establish distinct transitions in public space and is praised by the Jury for balancing public, semi private and private outdoor spaces.

Sustainability aspects and urban meeting places are also vital elements of the plan, that prepares for the districts part as a role model project for juncture development and sustainable  compacting in Oslo.

The Jury

  • Professor, landscape architect Ola Bettum, IN`BY AS (jury foreman)
  • CEO Peter Groth, Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS
  • Developmental director Gunnar Oveland, Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS
  • Property Asset Manager Dag Konrad Ellingsgard, Aberdeen Asset Management
  • Architect MNAL Espen Dahl
  • Architect MNAL Siv Helen Stangeland
  • Property consultant Mikkel Røisland
  • Architect Lena Johansson, IN`BY (jury secretary)


Read more on Oslo’s Building Councils plans for at Groruddalen.no.

For more information, contact Julie Sjøwall Oftedal at julie@a-lab.no or tel. +47 930 35 906.

For illustrations, press the photos below or contact benjamin@a-lab.no.

Illustrations from the competition


Strategically located in the Grorud Valley, Vollebekk has a great potential for juncture development in Oslo. Ill-: a-lab

The area, today made up of mixed buildings and industry, will be redeveloped on an urban scale.  

The urban spatial sequences are an important part of the redevelopment strategy. Here on of the main connections through the area. Ill: a-lab


The urban development strategy comprises concepts for green and blue structures in the area. Ill: a-lab

The urban development strategy points at different typological alternatives for further development. Ill-: a-lab

The central market place can fill several activities and program throughout the day and during the course of the seasons.  Ill-: a-lab



Smaller urban spaces and a mixed typology invites a vital and multitudinous urban district. Ill-: a-lab

To achieve an urbanity and beneficial exterior spaces, clear transitions between private and public zones are important. Ill-: a-lab

Perspective of a possible new situation at new Vollebekk Plaza. Suggested cultural building in the background. Ill-: a-lab



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