Haaversen on innovative and efficient office buildings

How to create both innovative and profitable buildings? Architect and partner in alab Geir Haaversen share his experinces on the development and design of flexible office buildings in the confereance «Architecture Design». Read More

Main issues on the conference is design, sustainability  and efficiency, and will take different views at modern architecture – from architects, developers, investors, entrepenours and tenants.

Innovation, implementation and profitability

Haaversen will speak about how the concept development and design of innovative office buildings takes root in a creative process that adapts to the needs of developers and tenants. Area efficiency and multipurpose spaces is important in this process. How to combine property owners and tenants demand and needs? We discuss the vision behind practical solutions and project development.

The conferense is scheduled to 26th of September, at Scandic Hotel Fornebu. Other speakers are:

  • Siri Legernes (LINK)
  • Guri Mo (Zinc)
  • Øystein Thorup (Avantor)
  • Frode Berg (Skanska Norge)
  • Kim H. Nielsen (3XN)
  • Ferry Smits (Rambøll)

Language is Norwegian. More information here.


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